Are Malaysians addicted to online p*rnography?

Yes, that is the question that we should all ask ourselves today. If you ask me personally, my answer is a big YES!

Come on now, admit it… Fess up… I’m sure that whoever is reading this right now has taken a peek at those porn websites sometime in your life… I can see that sly smile on your face all ready… :-) The thing is, what if you are obsessed about it? What if you could not help yourself from watching online pornography even for one single day? No matter how hard you try to ignore it, you could not help but to open up your browser and pay those porn websites couple of visits within a day. Now, that is big cause for concern. You are no longer obsessed, you are now addicted to them!

I have been using the internet for years now ever since 1994, I think. It concerns me deep inside when I saw that there is a growing number of local websites and blogs totally dedicated to pornography as if pornography is some kind of a new religion here in Malaysia. Amateurs and professionals alike are all trying to showcase their skills and expertise on managing porn websites and blogs. Maybe we should give them a new name. If we have heard of ‘moderators’ and ‘gatekeepers’ in the online world, maybe we can call this new generation of idiots as ‘pornmasters’. :-)

The sad thing about this sickening phenomenon is that most of this local porn websites and blogs are dedicated to… Nope… The right word should be ‘preying upon’. They are all preying upon Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu). I do noticed that the sudden rise of online pornography involving Malaysian Malay women here in Malaysia is coincidental with the introduction of camera phones in the Malaysian consumer market couple of years back. Is it a mere coincident? No, I don’t think so. Those camera phones have been misused and abused by irresponsible Malaysians. Malaysian Malay women in particular should be more careful with this new technology. A mobile phone is no longer just a mobile phone nowadays. It can take high resolution pictures and videos. If they are in the hands of perverts, they can be very dangerous indeed! Far more dangerous that those weapons of mass destruction (Do you know that it was George Bush who coined this bloody term back in the early 90s?)!

If you are some kind of a Malaysian patriot and think that I’m talking bullshit here, please read the following postings that I have posted quite recently. I have facts, figures and examples to prove this to the whole world. Why should you deny it?
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