More sick websites preying upon gullible Malaysian Malay women! I

All right Malaysian Malay ladies (wanita Melayu), I got a few more sick websites that you should be aware of. I’m exposing them today with the hope that Malaysian Malay ladies would be more cautious with whom they are befriending among their male friend circles and of course in doing their daily online activities such as uploading photos and videos on social networking sites.

One wrong move and you would find yourself published in the internet under humiliating circumstances like what many naive Malaysian Malay ladies have discovered in the last few years.

Sometimes I do wonder about you sick bloggers out there. What do you get by publishing pornographic photos and pictures of Malaysian Malay women anyway? If you are a Moslem but yet you are enjoying sharing porn photos and pictures with strangers online, you are indirectly giving bad names and reputations to the rest of the Moslems all over the world. Shame on you! You’re a sick person whoever you are and should seek help fast. :(

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