All hell has broken loose here in Malaysia?

Last Sunday morning, something quite extraordinary (by our Malaysian standard) has happened here in Malaysia, right over there in Putrajaya. It happened in the most unlikely places, right in front of the Prime Minister’s office!

Purportedly some 500 Malaysian Indians gathered in peace to hand a memorandum to our Malaysian Prime Minister. As of time of writing, I still have no idea whatsoever what this whole thing is all about. According to MalaysiaKini, they are demanding for equality for they are sick and tired of being marginalized in their own country.

I tried to seek further information from the Web with regards to this event and managed to find a thing or two about them. A YouTube user known as ‘travelling84’ has been kind enough to uploaded a few videos about this event onto YouTube yesterday and I have taken the liberty to provide them here in my blog so that you can see and hear for yourselves what this whole thing is all about in the first place.

Before you do that, please listen to what I have to say. One of the provided videos is actually quite offensive, especially to the Malaysian Malay (Melayu) community. Take a deep breath and view it with an open heart. Please do not over react… Please do not make a big issue out of it… Please do not retaliate… Else, all hell will break loose here in Malaysia. We do not want that at all. They have every right to voice their concerns, frustrations and disappointments. So, let them speak and let them be heard. The rest of us should just sit tight and listen to what they have got to say.

As shown on NTV7's 7 EDITION news

This video maybe offensive and inappropriate for some folks. Viewer discretion is advised

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