Karipap (Karimun) Island! The hottest new sex paradise in South East Asia?

Ah yes… It is time for me to dish out another Malaysian urban legend. Frankly speaking, I stumbled upon this Malaysian folklore by accident. I first heard about it from some of my friends living in Johor, a small Malaysian state located at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia.

My Johorean friends told me last year that there is an island located somewhere near Johor that can give visitor pleasures beyond compare, better than what Phuket Island or Haadyai can normally give to their sex hungry visitors. I asked them what that island was but they just smile and said Karipap Island. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t ask them because I’m interested in going there. No! No! I asked them simply because I have never heard of it before. I was only curious. Nothing more than that. I did ask them back whether the island they meant was Singapore but they said no. So, it is not Singapore. What could it be then? What the hell is this Karipap Island that most Johoreans were talking about?

I looked high and low in the internet but I could not find any island with such name located anywhere near Johor. In the end, I just dismissed their story thinking that they were just fooling around with me.

On the 9th of August 2007, TheStar Online published an article on a sex paradise located somewhere in the Indonesian Riau province. Apparently the location is quite popular among Malaysians and Singaporeans. It is known as Karimun Island.

Aha! I knew that this Karimun Island must be somehow related with that Karipap Island that my Johoreans friends were talking about. I gave them a call last few days and interrogated them. Yes, folks… I was right. Karipap Island and Karimun Island is one and the same bloody sinful island. :-(

So there you are my fellow readers… Karimun Island or better known as Karipap Island is what many Malaysians and Singaporeans have dubbed as the hottest new sex haven or paradise in South East Asia.

To all of my Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) readers, maybe you ladies should once in a while go and quietly check or take a peek at your fianc├ęs’ or husbands’ international passports. See whether they have made any recent trips to Karimun Island in the past. If they have, then most probably you are in deep trouble!
Map of Riau Island Province, Indonesia. Icon symbolizes the location of Karimun Island. You can access a good Interactive Map of Karimun Island that I have prepared for you from the link that I have provided!
Viewer discretion is advised
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yazid said...

yup, the karipaps there are so yummy. Higher exchange of Singaporean dollars which made those islands in Riau province boomed with prostitution industry.

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