Malaysia, Google & Sex!

Do you know that Malaysians spend a lot of time at Google searching for that 'sex' keyword?

You know what, fellow readers. When I’m bored of looking after my online businesses or tired of writing something for my blogs, I would normally sit down in front of my computer and do some silly tinkering. You know, playing around with Google Earth, Google Maps and even Google Trends.

Today however, I stumbled upon something quite interesting on Google Trends and I would like to share it with you readers out there. If you are wondering what Google Trends is all about, it is a free utility provided by Google that would let internet users know what everyone else in the world are searching or looking for on Google. You only need to key in some key topics and click one simple button to generate the desired results. It should come out nicely with some charts and statistics. It’s really cool!

Well, what I did today is a bit naughty but I simply could not resist my curiosity. I’m curious to know which states in Malaysia tops the list when it comes to searching or looking for sex related topics on Google. So, I did a little query and the results are not really that surprising to me. It explains a lot of things and I would touch on this a little bit later.

malaysia, google, sex

From the results shown above, internet users in Kelantan, Johor, Pahang, Melaka and Selangor tops the first top five! Is it just plain coincidence that the list is somewhat similar with our current list of top five Malaysian states with the highest reported sexual crimes such as rape? I don’t think that this is just a coincidence. The internet is actually a reflection of our own self. It is just like a mirror. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. My only hope is that such reflections are not of those categorized as sex maniacs though. :)

As for our Malaysian Malay ladies (wanita Melayu) out there; if your boyfriends, fianc├ęs or husbands came from the top five states as mentioned earlier, ask them whether people from such states are really into reading sex related topics on the internet. That should make them jump! If you are all ready married, then there’s nothing for you to worry about. If otherwise, you ladies better take good care of yourselves. Remember what I said about that reflection in the mirror earlier? :)

Boy, I can be so damn sarcastic at times… Forgive me, my fellow readers.
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Anonymous said...

poor state like kelantan but hi rank of using internet.. marvelous...

aznhamzah said...

Just like you, I also playing around with google trend sometimes, especially when I have no idea on what to write on my blog.The screenshot of google trend on your post shows google trend rank for the word "sex", try some other word such as "les**an" or "pu**y" then you will see Johor be on top and Wilayah Perseketuan start to shows up.
As we all know majority of Kelantan people are malay and not that good in english especially when it comes to american slang, unlike internet users from country such as Johor and KL, they will not google for "sex" but they will use other words .
Please do any research wisely and with control factors. I feel it is unfair to point a finger to 5 states you mention. Read carefully the hadith you put on top of your blog and understand it deeply.


piju said...

this is true phenomenas that happen in malaysia.
can u wonder how is it if we were in year 2020 ?

lankapo said...

is Google Trend that accurate..I dont think so

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