Port Dickson – Smooching & cuddling haven for Malaysian Malay teenagers?

Aha… So, you would like to hear more Malaysian folklore or urban legend stories, eh… All right, I got one for you today. It is quite juicy so hang on to your seats everybody. :-)

Today’s Malaysian folklore or urban legend has a lot to do with Port Dickson, a small town located in the district of Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan. It is about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.

I first heard about this folklore from some friends when I was studying in Shah Alam in my younger days. As I grow older, I got to know a few Port Dickson locals and they do acknowledged that the folklore is true. It has been around for ages and it has become so well known among Malaysian Malays (Melayu) that Port Dickson has now become the top hangout spot for Malaysian Malay teenagers and couples living in the West Coast of Malaysia!

Unfortunately, they are coming over to Port Dickson all for the wrong reasons. Nope, they are not coming for that fun-under-the-sun type of fun. Now, some folks may not like what I’m going to expose here today but this is something that now has gone out of control! We can’t let this deteriorate any further. It involves our future generations and we should do something about it today!

According to the locals over there in Port Dickson, their small town is now infested with sins, sins committed by young Malaysian Malays. This particular problem is at its worst on weekends. Malaysian Malay teenagers and couples would flock Port Dickson in huge numbers at various secluded spots along the shores of Port Dickson. What are they doing there? I don’t think that I should even care to elaborate. You should know yourself. The locals over in Port Dickson claimed that most of the sins are committed by local residents; to be more precise, students of Politeknik (Polytechnic) Port Dickson! The rest are committed by outsiders. What is more shocking is that the locals over at Port Dickson claimed that committers of such sinful acts perform their lustful pilgrimage not only on secluded spots but also in some fancy and comfortable apartments and hotel rooms! My oh my…

So there you are folks, this is our Malaysian folklore or urban legend for today. Smooching, cuddling, sex and adultery… We got all those over there in Port Dickson and they are committed by our young Malaysian Malays. If your children are currently working or studying over at Port Dickson, please look after them. Remind them, educate them, do whatever you can to help them from getting involved in this kind of social mess. :-(

This video has become some sort of a trade mark for me, isn't it? :-)
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happen again, social party turn free sex at port dickson


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