The most popular online forum on Malaysian Malay women is…

Folks, I have been asked by a friend to do a little free promotion today. So, Let us make this fast and simple. Every Malaysian Malays especially women are invited to join and become members of WanitaMelayu Dot Com’s online forum. As of time of writing, they have a total of 9,133 registered members making them the most popular online forum on Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu)!

Okay enough promotion, now for a little bashing. ;-) Personally, I feel that WanitaMelayu Dot Com’s ( online forum has lost their original direction. It was supposed to be a get-together online forum for Malaysian Malay women, a place to share information and discuss issues impacting their community in general. Unfortunately, they are now way off course! Their online forum is now full with Malaysian Malay entrepreneur-wannabes who are too scared to setup their very own proper online stores to conduct business. Instead, they are now using the online forum as their online trading tools! Pathetic! To the pioneers and creators of WanitaMelayu Dot Com’s online forum, I would like to pose this question. Whatever had happened to your original noble cause? Let me guess, another of that ‘Melayu mudah lupa’ type of excuses?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Author,

I tend to agree with you 100%. I was a member of that forum although I was not really active posting messages. However when it became too much into biz instead of its original purpose; I backed out.

Anonymous said...

I have to correct you lah A Shaari. Now they are also open to Malaysian non-malays at their business section. So there goes the name "Melayu"..........

Brukewilliams said...

I really don’t know how to describe my feelings when I found out after reading the latest news over at The Star Online late yesterday evening that the Perak Religious Department made the decision to drop their case against Siti Noor Idayu, a 22 year old Malaysian Malay ‘mat saleh’ (westerner) wannabe young woman.

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