Friday Special – Amina and her life as a Muslim convert!

Well folks, it is Friday and what better way to start the day with something special for you to read and see today. I have given it much thought and have decided to feature an exemplary English lady who converted to Islam a few long years back and now goes by her Muslim (Moslem) name of Amina.

When I first saw this video a few weeks back, I have to admit that her story and her plight touched me deep inside my heart. Ironic isn’t it, while many of Malaysian Malays (Melayu) today are slowly embracing the corrupt western ways hoping to be some ‘mat salehs’ (westerners), here we have an English lady (a true mat saleh) who left all that western lifestyles, thoughts and ideologies to become a true Muslim. What is wrong with us?

I hope that today’s special would have some profound effects on yourself and the Malaysian Malay community in general. As for Amina, thank you for sharing your story. May Allah Bless and Protects you and your family always!

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