Yellowstone about to explode, supervolcano eruption in the making

Signs of an imminent super volcanic eruption have been observed at the Yellowstone National Park. Are you ready for the biggest bang in 2009?

The Yellowstone National Park has been rocked with hundreds of minor earthquakes in the last 2 months (go and check with USGS geologists) and we all know that lying deep under Yellowstone is the Yellowstone Caldera, the biggest supervolcano on the American continent.

Are those small earthquakes signs of bigger things to come?

It is interesting to take note here that Christopher C. Sanders, an American geologist, has issued a warning on January 1st 2009. He has advised State officials stationed around the Yellowstone National Park to prepare for a State of Emergency. He also said that he has seen enough pre-warning signs of an imminent super volcanic eruption!

Is this the beginning of the end of the American dream for the Rocket people and the people of the All-Seeing Blue Eye? Is the beginning of the glory days for the Moon people? :)

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