Romantic Vacations in Jamaica

Do you know that you can have great romantic vacations or hold heavenly Caribbean weddings in Jamaica?

I have heard of couples enjoying romantic vacations and having Caribbean weddings in Jamaica before but I never really knew why they went there in the first place. Not until I stumbled upon this colorful site featuring Jamaica all inclusive resort. The resort is just one of many Superclubs line of all-inclusive resorts but that is another story. I’m here to briefly talk about Jamaica’s attractions.

Romantic Vacations in Jamaica

I have been to various places in the world today but I’ve never been to Jamaica. Today I learned that Jamaica basically has two great destinations; Montego Bay on the northwest there’s a world famous waterfall at Ocho Rios, ever heard of the Dunn’s River Falls? It’s just nearby!

There are plenty of things to do in Jamaica. You can go fishing, go horseback riding, go cruising and of course shopping. Yes, there’s no doubt about it, I’m confident that I will have lots of fun in Jamaica but where can I find the money to go there? Ouch…

What about you?
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