MyKakis Dot Net – Top Malay P*rn Site: Who is behind it?

MyKakis Dot Net. Who is behind it?

A lot of people have asked me this question, who is behind or running MyKakis Dot Net?

Yeah, that domain is pretty famous here in Malaysia. It is the most popular Malay p*rn site not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore and in other South East Asian countries as well. The site owner denies that his site is a Malay p*rn site but we all know too well that he is trying to disguise his sick site as some kind of a good and educational website for Malay teenagers. Yeah, right! Did he think that we are that stupid?!

A lot of innocent girls and boys have been put on display by this outrageous website. As matter of fact, a number of them even filed police reports but none of them managed to bring down MyKakis Dot Net. One day, it will! You see, all those people who filed police reports against MyKakis Dot Net didn’t know that the website is actually registered to a fella living in Singapore. To bring down MyKakis Dot Net, innocent victims should have come down to Bukit Aman and seek assistance from Interpol (International Police). Only Interpol can help you on such cases.

There, I have given you folks a very good tip about the best way to bring down or shutdown MyKakis Dot Net. If you want to know who is behind MyKakis Dot Net, run a check through WHOIS database at You can see the result in your own eyes. If you are too lazy to do that, you can see my screenshot of the generated result down below.

I’m too sleepy right now but I will provide you folks a location map that will show the location of MyKakis Dot Net domain owner’s home based upon the information contained in the WHOIS database tomorrow. Who knows, you might need such detailed information in the future!
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Scorpion _Bullet said...

It is fake address. There is no such place called bedok west in Singapore. There are only bedok north, south and bedok reservoir.

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