Rent-to-Own Industry? Ever heard one?

Have you folks ever heard of the Rent-To-Own industry? What about Lease-to-Own industry? Have you ever heard of either one of them before?

I certainly not, especially here in Malaysia but over there in America, the Rent-To-Own industry has been around ever since the 1960s. The Rent-to-Own industry apparently was established after Americans living in the 60s demanded for debt-free methods of acquiring household items such as furniture, electric appliances and so forth. Thus, the Rent-to-Own or lease to own industry was born out of nowhere in America.

That was back in the 1960s. Today I have discovered that the American rent-to-own or Lease-to-Own industry has grown so much that it is now capable of offering businesses for rental! Check out easyhome rentals, it is a Rent-to-Own business opportunity that is currently open to everybody (pure assumption, please contact easyhome rentals for more information)!

I wish we could have something similar here. Think about it, Rent-to-Own business opportunities here in Malaysia! Now, that would make a lot of people happy! :-)
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