Thousands participated but millions watched it!

Oh my!

I was alerted about this by HarakahDaily earlier today and thought that it would be nice if I feature it here in my very own way here in this post.

I’m sure you folks know what Alexa (Web Information company) is all about, right?

Well, today their data includes those gathered on the 10th of November 2007 and this would gives us the opportunity to see just how many people had visited certain websites on that particular day. You all know what had happened on the last 10th of November. The event was historical! Too bad though… You can bet that the event would not be mentioned in our history books if the government has the final say.

I took the liberty to analyze traffic data for three major sites (for us concerned Malaysians); MalaysiaKini, HarakahDaily and BERSIH. The results were astounding but then again were not that surprising. We all know that BERSIH’s mass rally had generated much interest from Malaysians even before they took it to the streets.

Yes folks! You can see for yourself that their traffic went triple (even possibly quadrupled) than normal on the 10th of November 2007! This could explain why their servers had lots of problems that day. HarakahDaily and BERSIH were not at all prepared and they were caught with their pants down. MalaysiaKini however had anticipated it and they have prepared a secondary server to cater for the sudden huge incoming traffic on that day.

Well folks, let the government say whatever they like. The facts would not lie and certainly would not go and support them. Thousands of concerned people have participated in BERSIH’s mass rally but millions of other people had watched it live (take note that MalaysiaKini and HarakahDaily had broadcasted the event live on their websites) all over the world!

Nobody can beat that, not even our government sponsored ‘angkasanaut’. Well done, Malaysians!

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