Any videos on that Maika AGM?

Sorry folks. I have no juicy stories for this particular posting. Instead, I’m hoping that you readers out there can help me out this time around.

With regards to those two articles (A pandemonium in the shape of meeting’ & ‘Subra roughed up at Maika meet) posted by MalaysiaKini earlier today, I’m sure that somebody has recorded the whole event on a video camera. I would like to see and hear personally what this whole mess is all about. I’m pretty sure that a lot of other Malaysians would love to do the same as well.

Collecting videos on our Malaysian background has been a personal hobby of mine ever since 1998. I have special interest on those that feature events that are controversial, events that our government-controlled news media would not have the balls to show or publish on their newsprint media and television news channels. Do you want to know what I would do with them? No, I do not distribute them. I only use them for my own personal use. I would normally edit and combine any short videos and later turn them into a single long movie of some kind. I’m keeping them around so that one day I could show all of them to my children; with the hope that they would not grow up to be some stupid and ignorant Malaysians who think the world of Malaysia. My children must not be blinded to the truth!

I sincerely hope that my readers out there can help me out here today. If you have any information that eventually would let us have some videos copies or better still if you all ready have some videos on this event in your possession, please let us know as soon as possible. You may leave comments on this posting and share what you know not only with me but with some other curious Malaysians too. :-)


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