Vista Angkasa Apartments – Sex haven for some young Malaysian Malays?

Do you know that Vista Angkasa apartments are sex havens for Malaysian teenagers? Read and know more about one of Malaysia's top urban legends.

Well folks, I have another Malaysian Malay (Melayu) urban folklore (urban legend) today. It is not really new for it has been around for years now. It has something to do with a well known housing area here in Malaysia. Vista Angkasa apartments are located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur; it is mass housing area apparently under the service jurisdiction of Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

Vista Angkasa apartments are in the vicinity of University of Malaya (UM). Thus it is not surprising that the University designated some of the apartments here as their Off-Campus Housing Zone for their off-campus students back in the late 80s. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why we have this urban folklore in the first place.

Original residents of Vista Angkasa apartments realized that the sudden influx of University of Malaya male and female Malaysian Malay students renting apartments here have given birth to various social diseases in their neighborhood. The following are some of the most common reported acts of immoral activities committed by our Malaysian Malay students:
  • Malaysian Malay couples can be seen making out, satisfying and exploring their sexual pleasures in some dark corridors and staircases.
  • Malaysian Malay couples championing their pre-marital sex lifestyles can be seen spending the night over in their rented rooms and many of them have been caught in close proximities in raids conducted by the officers of the Religious Office.
  • Some Malaysian Malay female students even go into prostitution, offering their highly sought services to Klang Valley’s rich and famous VIPs!
Their legendary exploits were exposed big time on national TV a few years back but that apparently did not deter them in any way. I was told that our young Malaysian Malay students living in Vista Angkasa apartments are back at it again barely three months after that national exposé. They would never listen, would they?

So there you are folks. That’s the history behind our local Malaysian folklore today. It is still around and I guess it would be for years to come unless the authorities would do something to fix it. Maybe they should strategically put religious teachers as residents and wardens there to remind those young Malaysian Malays that they are Moslems (muslims), not some sex-hungry teenagers.

To all Malaysian Malay parents out there, if your teenage kids are currently staying at Vista Angkasa apartments, it would be wise to visit them more often. If you really care about them, maybe it would be better if you ask them to move out of there and find some other better place to stay. Why not?

Interactive Map of Kuala Lumpur. Icon symbolizes the location of Vista Angkasa apartments

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raihan said...

very sad

raihan said...

its very sad for muslim

crayon said...

ahahaha.. im also staying at vista angkasa.. all of your statement are true.. :D

crayon said...

i'd link your post..

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