Lazy Malaysians and their repertoire of tricks to cheat bosses while working!

Relax, this would not turn ugly or sounds like I’m bashing our Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) like what most perceived in my last few postings. :-) This posting is for all Malaysians in general. I know it would be hard for some to admit it but we are a lousy and lazy bunch of workers at work. Even Malaysian cabinet ministers have their lazy days from time to time. If there’s anybody out there that says they never have been lazy in the office, I would say that you are probably born on the wrong planet. ;-P Laziness is part and parcel of being human. Nobody can run away from it. :-)

The magic question is how. How do lazy Malaysians get away with being lazy in the office? How do they fool their bosses that are equipped with sharp monitoring eyes very much like some CCTVs?

Luckily for me, those highly ingenious people over at VideoJug have all the answers for me nicely packaged in a cute video. Lazy Malaysians and those aspiring to be one can learn a lot from it. Take a look my fellow readers.

VideoJug: How To Be Lazy In The Office And Get Away With It

The part that interests me most is in Step 4, hiding your internet usage from people. Over here in Malaysia, workers would normally just resize their browsers to make them smaller and place them maybe at the bottom part of their computer screens. If they see that their bosses or colleagues are coming over to their place, they would quickly kill their browsers. This is how Malaysians would cover their internet usage in the office. However, that nice little application that VideoJug have disclosed in the video may soon change that old Malaysian tradition. :-)

I took the liberty to check and see what that ‘workfriendly’ software is all about. From the way I look at it, it is like any other normal browser except that it has a very unique skin. Take a look at the screenshot that I have provided down below. It looks exactly like any ordinary and innocent looking Microsoft Word’s interface! Whoever is behind this fabulous idea is a freaking genius!

I do not wish to be labeled as a Malaysian who teaches others to be lazy at work. So before I go, let me just say that being lazy is not something that we should be proud of. I’m sure that our Prime Minister would be so sad to see our Malaysian slaves… Whoopss… I mean our Malaysian workers… (Thousand apologies) I’m sure Pak Lah would be sad to see our Malaysian workers not giving their full commitments towards work. The nation needs you my fellow Malaysians! Work hard even though you would get nothing but more toll hikes and price hikes in the end. Remember what I said, work hard!

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