It’s not easy being a Hindu

Well folks…

I guess that it is not easy to be a Hindu not only here in Malaysia (as highlighted by HINDRAF) but also in other parts of the world. Take a look at the recent fuss raised by the Hindu community in the United Kingdom for an example. I don’t think anyone else outside their Hindu community can help them on that. The Hindus have to help themselves first.

Why can’t they just abolish that caste system of theirs and treat everyone like equals?

Recently added:

Whoa… It seems that this post have offended quite a number of people especially ‘gangeticus’.

Believe me, the post was not meant to offend anybody. I’m just highlighting a global problem that is plaguing the Hindu community at the moment. In the past, I have discussed this matter with many of my Hindu friends and they all agreed that their caste system is creating a lot of problems in their own community here in Malaysia.

Perhaps HINDRAF should tackle this internal issue first before pursuing anything else.

Think about it for once with an open mind. You folks out there have been hitting us Muslims and our religion ever since the days of the Malaccan empire but we took it with an open mind. If we can do that, why can’t you?

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nachi said...

There's no caste system in hinduisme. Brahmins created the system merely to safeguard them.

According to Hinduisme, only those who abide by God's laws are of high caste and vice versa.

Many non-Hindus use this man-made system to convert Hindus to other religions.

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