Back alleys of Petaling Street! Kuala Lumpur’s cheapest sex haven?

Yes, folks! I have another Malaysian urban legend for you today. Luckily, I do not have to say much about it today since the StarOnline has highlighted it in great detail yesterday. It was first highlighted by a local Malaysian daily tabloid Harian Metro and the StarOnline republished it later in their online news website.

You can find out more about this urban legend from the screenshot of the news posting as published by the StarOnline down below.

The only thing that bothers many Malaysians regarding the story mentioned above is that it is not entirely true. Yes, it is true that many foreigners throng the back alleys of Petaling Street to indulge in cheap sex but they were not the only ones doing that in reality. I was told that Malaysians and that includes the Malaysian Malays (Melayu) are just as naughty. Bloody hell! Sex hungry filthy rich Malaysians with lots of money to spare however would not patron such places. They can afford to pay thousands of Malaysian ringgit on expensive prostitutes that operate in exclusive penthouses and hotels. :-(

How about a little dash of sarcasm on this subject? Forgive me but I just could not help it.

I suppose the Malaysian Tourism Ministry should put Malaysian back alleys such as those over at Petaling Street as part of their local tourism promotion to the whole world. Why don’t they call it ‘Visit Malaysian Back Alleys’ or something? It does have a nice ring to it, isn’t it? :-(

Map of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Icon symbolizes the location of Petaling Street. You can access a good Interactive Map of Petaling Street that I have prepared for you from the link that I have provided!

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