Hopeless Malaysian Malay Muslims?

I read with great interest an article posted by HarakahDaily today. It is about events that had transpired on the eve of our 50th year of independence involving Malaysian Malay (Melayu) Muslim youths. Yes, our ‘mat saleh’ (westerner) wannabe Malaysian Malay teenagers! :-(

HarakahDaily was not making the story up. It is true. We can see that every single day nowadays. Our Malaysian Malay Muslim teenagers are really lost in limbo believing that that they are some ‘mat salehs’, free to do whatever they like. Sex, alcohol and drugs are nothing to them. They are pleasures that our Malaysian Malay teenagers could not live without nowadays. Enemies of Islam would have been proud and happy to see that our Malaysian Malay teenagers are addicted to things that destroy the very foundation of Islam. :-(

While I’m thankful that HarakahDaily is highlighting that today, I’m not too happy with the fact that they are highlighting it with mere words. If they are really serious about using the technology such as the internet to wage some kind of a war against immorality caused by the current ruling government, they need to use all available resources to do that. Words and texts alone are not powerful enough to deliver the message. Look at MalaysiaKini for an example, apart from words and texts; they also use some great videos with great audios to help deliver messages. HarakahDaily must do the same as well. There is no point in writing long posts when in the end the message failed to deliver the sucker punch. Got it?

To those folks over at HarakahDaily… You have to understand that videos are the new rave in the age of the internet. The reason is really damn simple. It has realism! You can see and hear personally what the message is all about. Imagine what the whole world would say if you had provided videos of the events mentioned earlier along with your post. You would have shaken up the hearts of every single Malaysian Malays here in Malaysia!

Please enhance your existing tactics and strategies, HarakahDaily. Turn your future posts and articles into some great weapons of mass destruction that you can use against Barisan Nasional and their godless secular democracy!

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