Looking for Malaysian Malay women online?

A few of my foreign online readers have been asking this particular question for quite some time now and maybe perhaps today is the best day for me to address their questions.

Just like any other women in the world, you could easily connect online with Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) through any major social networking sites. So today I’m going to provide you guys 4 specific sites to start with:

  1. Friendster Dot Com
    1. There is thousands of Malaysian Malay women listed here and most of them I believe are professional Malaysian Malay women. They are intelligent and can correspond in English fairly well.
  2. MySpace Dot Com
    1. We also have thousands of Malaysian Malay women here. Professionals, yuppies and even psychos! Lots of variety and plenty to choose from. Be careful though, some may look like females but they are actually transvestites (pondan)! :)
    2. Just like Friendster Dot Com, correspondence in English should not be a problem for them in MySpace.
  3. Virtualfriends Dot Net
    1. This is a new local social networking site but they are quite popular among students and young Malaysian Malay yuppies. Most are inexperience, immature and na├»ve bunch of teenagers who are seeking for casual companionships. Such groups are what Malaysian Malays would normally call ‘ikan bilis’ or ‘budak hingus’.
    2. I don’t think you foreigners would be interested in such Malaysian Malay young women but feel free to get to know them if you like. :-P
  4. Ekawan Dot Com
    1. Their Malaysian Malay social group members are the same as the one categorized for Virtualfriends Dot Net.
    2. Take note that the website is in Malaysian language. Thus foreigners would definitely have a problem in finding your way around the website.

So, there you are folks. Have fun and good luck!

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